How To Start & Launch Your CBD Business 
Your Step by Step Startup Blueprint to CannaBiz Success
Even If You've Never Started A Business Before!
CBD-Hemp-Cannabis entrepreneurs unite! Join us for a 8 week online workshop, aka: Canna-Biz Bootcamp. Discover how to take your idea to creation and market and the step by step blueprint to start your dream in the modern 'green rush'.
Here's What You'll Discover...
The three key shifts that will change the way you think about, start, market and scale your canna business forever. These are really important paradigm shifts to ensure your biz rocks in today’s world…
Manage your business and get the essentials in place (finances, taxes, expenses, etc.)..
How to start your own cannabis business tapping into an existing skill or passion of yours…
Developing your bulletproof mindset by understanding these 4 laws for massive success…
Draw your line in the sand by defining your vision and values…
Discovering and choosing your most profitable skill as your linchpin…
Scale up and grow to the successes you KNOW you deserve…
Define your target audience to compete AND WIN in an ever crowded canna space…
Build your online presence with testimonials, social media, pr and NOT get shut down!…
Here's What We'll Cover
Week 1
• The First Battle Begins Here: Developing a Bulletproof Canna-Preneur Mindset and Attitude
• The Cannabis Startup's '4 Laws For Massive Success'

Week 2
• You Are What You Stand For: Defining Your Company Vision & Values

Week 3
• How To Select The RIGHT CBD Business For You

Week 4
• Identifying Your Ideal Client: aka-"if you market to everyone you market to NO-ONE"

Week 5
• Deciding What Your Offer Will Be: Product? Service? A Combo of Both?

Week 6
• Getting The Fundamentals in Place: LLC or Sole Prop? Do I need an accountant…bookkeeper or CPA?...and more!

Week 7
• Launch Time: Let's take this baby to market! Understanding your pre-launch, mid-launch and post-launch timelines

Week 8
• If You Can't Measure It, You Can't Manage It: Knowing what numbers to track. Costs, KPI's Metrics and Goals

By the end of this bootcamp you will have everything you need to create a real, sustainable and ROCKING CBD business and become the go to authority in your market!


 1. BONUS #1: Branding Your Canna-Biz Training with Deb Gabor, multimillion dollar CEO and best selling author of 'Branding Is Sex: Get Your Customers Laid & Sell The Hell Out of Anything" 
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 2. BONUS #2: Low Hanging Insta-Fruit: Unleash the power of social media and NOT get shut down!, with Klyn Elsbury (top rated Instagram expert and national speaker)
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4. Tactical Insider Info: How do I private label my own products? Who should I trust? Where can I find a legit merchant processor? Get answers to all this BEFORE you try and "figure it all out alone" and lose precious time and MONEY! 
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Here's What You'll Get
• 8 weekly video sessions direct to your computer or phone…
 • Accompanying workbook to log and show your progress…
 • Weekly Q&A sessions with Rick and the crew… 
 • 24/7 discussion board for personal feedback…
 • Peer network for discussion and team learning…
 • Long term access—we’ll keep everything up for the remainder of your membership!
 • Accessible on mobile and desktop…

Total Investment Is Normally $420,
But For A Limited Time Is Only $320
  • ​Your Great Idea Will Die With You... 
  • ​You Will Be Forgotten...
  • ​Your Competition Will Get All The Clients You Shoulda Had...
  • ​You Will ALWAYS Wonder 'What If'...
Don't wait another second.

You owe it to your dreams to share your ideas, make an impact, and improve people's lives.

Join us now and we'll get started on your CBD business journey NOW! 

Don't Just Take Our Word For It...
What Other Fast Growth CBD Influencers Are Saying
"When you really want to know about the Cannabis industry, Rick Martinez is the authority!" - C. Rodkey Jr., Rodkeys
"I am excited about entering this next phase...surrounding myself with people who have the same mindset will be one of the factors for my success, both personally and professionally" 
- V. Luna, Founder @ Floral Fusion CBD
"I'm so thankful...for sharing knowledge, encouraging us to chase our dreams and growing us!" - P. Tedder RN, CBD Consultant and Masters in Cannabis Student
I can honestly say provided perspective of the bigger picture of where I want to go as I build my business. As I reflected on what the goals we discussed, I can see how I got caught up in a long short game...
It was a valuable experience and I'm thankful...!" 
- G. Delgado,
Founder of The Texas CBD Blog
"Exactly what I need. Exactly what I have been looking for. Thank you!!!" - David V., CBD startup entrepreneur
Hi, I'm Rick...your CBD business sherpa
In 2017 I started Green Seed cannabis & CBD business accelerator, a ‘step by step’ curriculum based training and mastermind group to help folks just like you leverage the power of a committed few to start, launch and grow their CBD brand, become more influential in the space, and responsibly create a REAL cannabis business.

Since then we’ve helped dozens of folks enter and launch their CBD businesses to eager, curious consumers and new customers.

That’s why the smart individuals trust me and my team to leverage the power of collective knowledge and decades of startup experience to reach more people, make an everlasting impact, and lead an authentic, responsible and sustainable CBD business. 
Yes, I want you to show me how to launch & grow 
my CBD business!
Enrollees taking this bootcamp will be walked through the entire process of creating a cannabis business from scratch, so you do not need to do anything before this course begins. It will help you to already know some skills and ideas for a business that you would enjoy running.

Our Bootcamps are the jump-start you need to REALLY implement these powerful Green Seed strategies and ideas with zero distractions and full-on focus. Join us with our shakers & movers who are committed to your success!

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