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The founding team behind Green Seed Alliance has been recognized by media outlets And Dozens of publications for their Startup, Entrepreneurship and Cannabis expertise.
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Why We Created Green Seed Alliance
As a successful entrepreneur, I founded the Green Seed Alliance after being a member of many other CEO groups, masterminds, and peer-to-peer networks that left me feeling...well...a bit kinda flat. Plus they just didn't grasp or understand a unique industry like cannabis and the challenges we face that seem to change at the drop of a hat. Don't get me wrong, I did make some incredible connections and learned, but none could really offer real time help, advice or mentoring for an entrepreneur in the cannabis industry. 

I simply couldn’t find an organization that combined everything I was seeking to not only grow my cannabis company but also bring more fulfillment, deeper connections and frankly, revenue growth.

                              So we created one.
The Alliance was created to intentionally give you the curriculum, the push and the support that are essential to accomplishing something that truly matters in the fastest growing industry on earth.
You can tap into other like-minded peers who really get where you’re going, why you're going there and where you’ve come from. The right group of committed canna-preneurs is ever eager to celebrate your wins, challenge you to greater accomplishments, share breakthrough ideas, and reinvigorate you during the natural emotional roller coaster of breaking new ground in a fast growth industry.
This is for you if...
You’re a leader or want to become a leader in a fast growth industry. Our Alliance has proven to be successful for cannabis entrepreneurs in ideation, startup, growth and/or scale mode. This is for you if you've had success in other industries and have a desire to pay it forward with knowledge and expertise and for folks that adopt a true abundance mindset.

This is also for you if:
1. Want to start in the biz but don't know where to go?
2. Need to up your green-preneur game?
3. Already rocking just need HIGH level connections?
4. Been there done that and ready to pay it forward?

This is NOT for you if...
You who make excuses, pass blame on others, live well below your potential, complain, never take any action, or act like you're not completely in control of your success, lifestyle, and income. 

This is not for you if:
1. You love "6 figures in one year" programs...
2. You want a 'get rich quick' scheme...
3. You don't value or respect others time and efforts...
4 You're part of the "YaButt" family... (YaButt I'm too young...YaButt I'm to new...etc...)

Enjoy these exclusive Alliance member benefits…
Insights and advice from peers & pros in the industry
Get peer insights and advice anytime through our online support group, expert led webinars and training. Connect with your peers to share expertise, learn from each other and solve canna-business challenges in a private setting. You can also explore our library of training and curriculum in our private members only area to further your professional development as a fast rising cannabis entrepreneur.
Build your cannabis brand through media exposure
The Alliance offers a comprehensive set of branding opportunities to establish members as cannabis industry movers, shakers and  thought leaders. With our wholly owned media channel, Weed To Know Basis, streamed across ten digital platforms the potential visibility of your brand is limitless. Coupled with our influencer status across social media and this is a unique opportunity for exposure.
Powerful Step By Step CannaBiz Curriculum
It’s like business school for canna-preneurs, except it doesn’t cost $100k and 2 years time. 

Put another way, our tested, tried and vetted path to success is canna-biz fundamentals. Our signature curriculum provides you with a solid foundation to then build the cannabis business "house" of your dreams.
And who doesn't want to build on a solid foundation. Right?
Signature Impact Events 
Our signature Impact events are THE huge benefit of your Alliance membership.

We meet several times per year. You have the potential to attend all of these meetings during your 12-month membership so there is ample opportunity to participate and work around your schedule.

Our annual cannabis conference, Green Seed Texas is a MUST ATTEND event and as an Alliance member you'll be a V.I.P for sure!  Learn more here...
Revenue and leadership growth through expert coaching
Take part in monthly live chats with our team of professional coaches and curated, VIP special guests. Take development at your own pace with on-demand learning content created exclusively for Alliance members or collaborate one-on-one. Mindset is one of the most under-valued component of ones growth as a cannabis entrepreneur so we take this part very...very serious.
Personal service from our concierge team
At the core of everything we do is our member concierge team. Our team is committed to connecting you to the right people and resources at the right time — which is why you should consider them an extension of your own team.
  • The Alliance Directory - Listing of you and your company in the most sought after cannabis "Black Book" around...
  • Ultra Private Online Group - One year access to our private group, the worlds most cutting edge cannabis entrepreneur peer network for discussion, learning and growth. It's a 24/7 private discussion area. Ask any questions, post any problems, share solutions with our elite members, advisors and coaches.
  • Welcome Package - heads up. You're gonna receive something wicked cool from us! Members only!
  • And So Much More...
Here's What They're Saying...
Wendy Askew, M.D.
Kelly Smith
Green Frog Promotions
Cody West
Cloud Desserts

These Methods and Processes Are Designed Specifically For Entrepreneurs in a Cannabis Business
You want to grow your cannabis business, you've got a great product or service... but you're already overwhelmed, sprinting on that entrepreneurs hamster wheel and likely drowning in day to day tasks? 
  •  Build: The EXACT business model I've used to grow multiple 6- 7- and 8 figure businesses all while working less and having more fun...
  •  Grow: Create a predictable income model that allows you to spend less time on doing what drags you down, and more time on things that lift you up...
  •  Scale: How to organize your business (and life) to accomplish ALL the things you need to do, even if you feel like you're short on time or behind the curve...
  •  PLUS...
  •  The essential marketing ingredients to any long-lasting sustainable strategy (so you have a canna-business that supports you for years to come, not just for today)...
  •  Packaging your brilliance in a scalable leverage-based way, so you can not just be another cannabis entrepreneur, but lead a tribe people want to be a part of!
  •  AND I’ll show you how to do ALL of this without compromising your integrity, feeling inauthentic, or becoming overwhelmed with all the "stuff" or overworked in the process.
    "If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together." AFRICAN PROVERB
THE ALliance Is A Highly Selective, Quality-Over-Quantity Organization.
You’re not just receiving the membership, you 
have The Alliance partners and our 
entire team to lean on...
Want To Know What Green Seed Alliance Can Do For Your Canna Business?
Peace, Love and Cannabis...
Rick Martinez
Disclaimer: Success as an entrepreneur is's a journey. We coached every one of our members through fear, overwhelm, and challenges to find success. Your business is different, we get it, therefore your results will be different. If you are looking for “get rich quick” or “get rich easy” look elsewhere.
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